Every drop of water is precious. Think carefully how you can save more water at home. Just make little changes everyday on your water use habits, you and your family members can all become wise water users. Here are simple tips to save water in daily life:


Take a shower instead of bath and shorten your shower time.

Use water saving devices, e.g. water efficient showerhead / tap, washing machine and dual flush toilet cistern, and pay attention to water efficiency labels.

Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, washing your face or shaving.

When using a dual flushing cistern, press the reduced flush button for liquid waste and avoid flushing unnecessarily.

Install flow controllers in water taps.


Avoid thawing food under running water. Defrost it earlier inside the refrigerator instead.

Do not wash dishes and vegetables under a running tap. Wash them in a sink or container filled with water.

Water plants with water used for washing vegetables and fruits.

Install flow controllers in water taps.

Laundry and other areas

Only run your washing machine or dishwasher with a full load.

Wash your cars with a water bucket and towel, instead of a running hose.

Teach children that water is not for games.

Check the water consumption in your water bill and monitor your family's water usage habits. If the water consumption increases, you should review the water usage habits.

Fix dripping taps and water mains promptly.

Foreign Domestic Helpers at Home

To promulgate good water using habits in domestic households in Hong Kong, WSD has launched a series of water saving tips at home. It aims at encouraging both employers and foreign domestic helpers to adopt good and smart water usage at home, as well as avoiding wastage of water resources.