Programme Background

Water Supplies Department (WSD) has been promoting water conservation to the public through various channels. WSD launched the “Cherish Water Campus” Integrated Education Programme - Primary School (IEP) in the 2015/16 school year. It aims to enhance students' knowledge of the protection of water resources and the global problem of water resources, to encourage them to adopt water conservation practices at school and at home, and to spread the water saving message to their peers, family and the community.

To further extend IEP to pre-primary levels, WSD launched the "Cherish Water Campus" Integrated Education Programme – Kindergarten (the Programme). It is hoped that kindergarten teachers can enhance children’s understanding of water and cultivate water saving habits among them with the help of the teaching kit including the Storybook, the Activity Book and the Teacher Resource Book.



The target group of the Programme is children aged 5 to 6 from upper kindergarten class. For the sake of providing a pleasant and relaxing environment for children to learn about the preciousness of water and the importance of cherishing it, WSD has developed a set of teaching kit, comprising the Storybook, the Activity Book and the Teacher Resource Book. Teachers can integrate the activities into the curriculum as appropriate.

The teaching kit includes the followings: