Class Topic Worksheet
Primary 1
  • Water and Living Things
  • Uses of Water in Daily Life
  • Going Green at School
Primary 2
  • Exploring Reservoirs
  • Protecting the Environment and Reservoirs
Primary 3
  • Practising Green Living
  • Water Conservation Starts from Home
  • Ways of Saving Water
  • Reservoirs in the Wet and Dry Seasons
Primary 4
  • Water and the Human Body
  • Fresh Water Distribution on Earth
  • Characteristics of Fresh Water and Seawater
  • Water Resources in China
  • Dongjiang Water Supply (*Only Lesson Plan is provided)
Primary 5
  • Renewable Energy - Hydroelectricity
  • Relationship between Water, Air and Plants
  • Uses of Water
  • Density of Water
  • Water Purification
  • Treasuring Water Resources
  • Overuse of Water Resources
  • Government and Individual Responsibilities in Water Conservation
  • Practising Green Living
Primary 6
  • The Three Forms of Water
  • Water and the Living Things Forms
  • The Effects of Human Activities on Water Resources
  • Water and Natural Disasters
  • Making Good Use of Water Resources
  • Sustainable Ways of Water Supply
  • Global Water Crisis and its Solutions

(Lesson Plans and Worksheets (teacher version) are available for download by teachers at the Teacher’s Portal)