“Cherish Water Campus” IEP Award Ceremony 2017

Water Supplies Department organised “Cherish Water Campus” IEP Award Ceremony at Yau Tong Community Hall on 10 November 2017 to recognize the outstanding performance of schools, teachers and students for promulgating water conservation in campus in 2016/17 school year.

The Director of Water Supplies, Mr Enoch Lam shared his water saving tips with students and encouraged students to spread the messages of water conservation to their families and friends. Besides, there were impressive acrobatic and drama performances by primary school and kindergarten students to share the knowledge of water conversation with the audience.

Other guests at the ceremony included Deputy Secretary for Education (Curriculum and Quality Assurance Branch), Mrs. Hong Chan Tsui Wah, Chief Services Officer (Joint Office for Kindergartens and Child Care Centres) of Education Bureau, Mrs. Li Chow Yeuk Lan, Conny, and the Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Water Supplies, Dr. Chan Hon Fai, and representatives from school sponsoring bodies, primary schools and kindergartens.

The Cherish Water Campus Integrated Education Programme (IEP) aims to enhance students' knowledge about water conservation and the global water situation, and encourages them to adopt water-saving practices at school and at home, as well as to spread the water-saving message to their peers, families and the community. More than 230 primary schools are participating in the programme. Details are available on this website.

The list of winning students and schools is available on this website.


Water Supplies Department