(Photo source: iStock.com)

According to the records of the Hong Kong Observatory, May 2021 was the hottest May in Hong Kong on record. The water level of many reservoirs had dropped and cracks appeared in reservoirs due to the scorching weather and deficient rainfall. According to the news, among 17 reservoirs in Hong Kong, only 9 reservoirs had more than half of the total storage at the moment.
As of early June 2021, the storage level of our reservoirs accounts for only 62 percent of the total capacity. Professor Ho Kin-Chung, former Chairman of the Advisory Committee on the Quality of Water Supplies, suggested that the volume has remained low, which is 11 percent less than the 73 percent of total water storage recorded in 2020. The storage level in June 2021 is considered below the "bottom line" of 70%.
Under the influence of climate change, extreme weather will occur more frequently in Hong Kong, the rainfall pattern is also expecting a rapid change. In addition, the increasing population leads to a surge in demand for freshwater. All these factors pose a hard challenge for the supply of water resources. If the frequency of rainfall constantly decreases, our water supply will be adversely affected. Therefore, we should take steps to cherish water.