“Cherish Water Campus” Water Saving Week 2022

To encourage students to learn and understand the importance of cherishing water via a series of competitions and activities, WSD is holding the "Cherish Water Campus" Water Saving Week 2022 (the Week) from 11 to 15 July for all primary schools and kindergartens in Hong Kong in this school year. We encourage all students to participate in activities organised by WSD during the Week to practise water conservation in accordance with the theme of each day and win fabulous prizes.

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To extend water conservation education to pre-primary levels, Water Supplies Department (WSD) has launched the "Cherish Water Campus" Integrated Education Programme – Kindergarten (the Programme) in the 2018/19 school year to all kindergartens in Hong Kong. The target group of the Programme is children aged 5 to 6 from upper kindergarten class. To provide a pleasant and relaxing environment for children to learn about the preciousness of water and the importance of cherishing it, we have developed a set of teaching kit, comprising a storybook, a booklet of suggested activities and a teacher resource book for kindergarten teachers to educate children in class, to help them develop water saving habits in daily life and improve children’s basic understanding of water related concepts.

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