Programme Background

WSD has been promoting water conservation to the public through various channels. The younger generation in particular is our main target. In order to cultivate the sense of water conservation among students, we have been organising different activities including School Roadshow and School Water Audits, etc. in primary schools.

To strengthen the collaboration with schools, we compile a teaching kit for the "Cherish Water Campus" Integrated Education Programme - Primary School (IEP) with the integration of theory into practice. We aim to develop a culture of water conservation in primary schools and cultivate water saving habits among youngsters through interesting and interactive activities.

The stakeholders of this programme are whom involve in primary school education. Since water conservation topics covered in the IEP are parts of the environmental protection education, schools may adopt suitable materials from the kit in General Studies lessons, Class periods, Life Education lessons, morning assemblies, activity weeks or any other occasions.

Programme Objectives

Programme Content

IEP is divided into three phases (see the table below) and organised in every school year. To facilitate an effective implementation of IEP, the WSD has refined the teaching kit and provided schools a Teaching Resources DVD* in the school year 2019/20. The “Cherish Water Campus” Teacher’s Portal for Primary School (“Teacher’s Portal”) has also been launched in August 2020 to provide teachers an easier access to information on water resources and IEP.

Sample of Teaching Resources DVD

Sample of Teaching Resources DVD

* A Teaching Resources DVD includes the followings:

  1. Lesson Plans
  2. Worksheets
  3. Activities Kit
  4. Games
  5. Teaching Videos
  6. References
  7. Suggested Activities and Worksheets

Please refer to the hyperlinks below for details of the activities.

Phase 1 - Exploring New Knowledge

Providing insights, broadening the knowledge base and enhancing understanding

  1. Teaching Materials for Classroom Activities (Teaching Kit)
  2. School Roadshow
  3. Borrowing of Game Booths
  4. Visiting H2OPE Centre
  5. Visiting Waterworks Installations
  6. Borrowing of Exhibition Panels
Phase 2 - Taking Actions

Exploring the proper attitude and behaviors that can contribute to water conservation, and putting knowledge into practice

  1. School Water Audit
  2. Home Water Audit
  3. Education Camp on Water Conservation
  4. Who is Wasting Water behind the Curtain?
  5. Mall and Restaurant Water Audit
  6. Project-based Learning: Recycled Water
Phase 3 - Knowledge Sharing

Organising Intra-School/Inter-School competitions themed on water conservation

  1. Slogan Design Competition
  2. Lyric-writing Competition
  3. Story Competition
  4. Drama Script Writing Competition
  5. Notice Design Competition
  6. Banner Design Competition
  7. Poster Design Competition
  8. Flow Controller Design Competition
  9. Robot Design Competition
  10. Drama Performance Competition
  11. Short Video Competition
  12. Water Resources Debate Competition
  13. Water Resources Quiz Competition

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Reward Mechanism


WSD will assign the participating schools into Hong Kong's 18 districts with reference to the Education Bureau's school list and award Gold, Silver, Bronze Prizes etc. to the schools which have accumulated the greatest number of "water drops" in each district. Details as follows:


School Sponsoring Bodies


Teachers *

Students *

* Upon completion of all activities in a school year, teachers can complete and submit the Report of Programme Review and Nomination Form through Teacher’s Portal to run for Teacher’s Award and nominate students to run for individual awards.