2021/03/22 - 2021/04/22

Walk for Living Water 2021

Organised by the Amity Foundation and co-organised by Water Supplies Department, the 11th "Walk for Living Water" was successfully held in the period from 22 March to 22 April. Over 300 participants from Hong Kong, Spain, England and Canada took part in the event and more than HKD 280,000 has been raised for the construction of water and sanitation systems for rural water-deprived regions in Nepal, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event has been held online since last year. Participants from all over the world could freely choose their convenient times to conduct their own walks at safe locations of their choice. By tracking and uploading their steps records, the "walkers" brought social good while maintained their own physical and psychological health, and thus the Chinese name of the event was renamed with elements of fitness walking included. The event comprised 3 award categories, namely "Best Walker Award", "Top Walker Group Award" and "Top Fundraiser Award", in appreciation of the participants' enthusiastic support. For the list of winners, please visit the official website of the organiser.

As a co-organiser of the event, Assistant Director/Development, Mr. Wilson MA Hon Wing, on behalf of WSD, encouraged the public to save water and called for participation in his speech at the online kick-off ceremony.

"Walk for Living Water", one of the campaigns of Climate Ready @ Hong Kong, is an annual event aims at echoing the World Water Day initiated by the United Nations and arousing public concern on global water crisis.


Organised by the Amity Foundation and co-organised by Water Supplies Department