Fresh water is a precious natural resource. With the increase in population and rapid development of society, global water consumption has kept growing. This, coupled with the impact of climate change, presents mankind with the grave challenge of water shortage. Less than 2.5% of the world's water is fresh water while the rest is seawater. In fact, less than 1% of all the water resources on the Earth is readily accessible for human uses and its geographical distribution is uneven. Supply of clean and safe drinking water is a problem in many parts of the world. Every society shares the global responsibility to promote sustainable use of fresh water resources on the Earth.

Therefore, the Water Supplies Department (WSD) launched the "Let's Save 10L Water" Campaign on the World Water Day on 22 Mar 2014. The Campaign successfully aroused the attention from the community. For the purpose of further fostering the water conservation culture among different sectors of the public, the WSD launched "Let's Save 10L Water 2.0"Campaign in Dec 2019 as a continuation and extension of the previous one, which engages the public to actively reduce 10 litres of water consumption per capita per day, and to achieve the objective of "The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" as advised by United Nations, thereby enhancing our resilience to the impacts of climate change. We sincerely invite all Hong Kong people to participate in the Campaign and make effort to cherish water resources.

Join the Movement!

Free Application of Flow Controllers for Water Tap
Water Saving Competition
4-minute Shower Challenge
Innovative Water Efficient Showerhead Design Competition
Free Installation of Flow Controllers at Private Housing Estates
Free Installation of Flow Controllers at Private Schools

Why "Save 10L Water"?

The ‘Let's Save 10L Water 2.0’ Campaign aims to encourage the public to actively reduce their daily domestic water consumption by 10 litres or more and to establish good habits of conserving water, contributing to utilise our precious water resources wisely in daily life. Individual members of the public are welcome to sign the ‘Commitment Certificate', pledging to participate in the ‘Let's Save 10L Water 2.0’ Campaign in support of using precious water wisely. You can also make reference to our ‘Water Saving Tips’ on how to use less water in daily life.

How can I know the amount of water consuming per capita per day?

You should first get ready the latest water bill and then check the ‘average daily consumption’ as shown in the water bill (click here to see the details) and multiply it by 1,000 (E.g. 0.2 cum x 1,000 = 200 litres of water). Finally, divide it by the number of your household members during this water billing period.

For a 4-member family as an example, the above-mentioned 200 litres of water is equivalent to a consumption of 50 litres per capita per day (= 0.2 x 1,000 / 4 = 50 litres)